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The CounterCulture Is Dead Tour 2006

Chapel Hill

Evelyn Spear
26 September
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Born 1964 under the surname Wells, Jonathan Mainre has quickly become a respected authority. Working for various worldwide change associations and speaking over 25 languages fluently, Mainre has become a globally recognised expert in the fields of linguistics and the outdated anthropologies of the northern hemisphere. Awarded many times over for achievements in the expansion of humanity based on his discoveries, Mainre now resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and various sanctuaries for critically endangered trees.
a clockwork orange, accents, against me!, air, alaska, alphabetizing, anarchist theory, animals, animation, aphex twin, art, asian languages, birds, blank paper, blue oyster cult, blur, boards of canada, bridges, built to spill, cascadia rising, catherine wheel, chaos, chinese, chocolate, chris cunningham, chuck palahniuk, cities, civil disobedience, coheed and cambria, colours, comics, computers, concept albums, contrast, cornwall, crepes, cthulhu, dinosaur jr, dirt, diy, drawing, economics, elves, empty, empty boxes, film slides, flannels, flcl, fluxx, fonts, foreign films, freaks & geeks, friends of trees, fugazi, ghost stories, globalisation, gorillaz, grass, green, hardcore, harold and maude, hayao miyazaki, homestar runner, horror movies, husker du, icelandic, igby goes down, insomnia, interpol, japanese, kingdom of loathing, korean, languages, libraries, lines, liquid paper, love, lyrics, maples, margaret atwood, michel gondry, mix tapes, modern art, monty python, moody blues, movies, mspaint, music, múm, new order, non-violence, notepad, nothing nice to say, open-mindedness, patterns, peace, photographs, photoshop, placebo, plastic tree, poetics, polvo, portland, posters, powell's, prog rock, public art, punch-drunk love, punkers, radiohead, rain, red, remember the maine, roald dahl, rpgs, satire, science fiction, semen, sharpies, shoegazer, sky, sleater-kinney, sleeping, sonic youth, soviettes, stanley kubrick, stars, sun kil moon, sushi, technology, the best, the clash, the ocean, the offspring, the pillows, the simpsons, they might be giants, tim burton, tom robbins, trees, trimet, typewriters, used bookstores, veganism, vegetarianism, video games, walls, wanking, water, writing